Design and Installation

From a stand-alone alarm system right through to fully integrated enterprise platforms, Smartwired Solutions has the experience and expertise to design, install and support solutions for:

  • Video Verification
  • Theft Control & Stock Loss 
  • Remote Site Management
  • Access Control

Working with our clients to design systems that meet their specific needs we take into account their environment, working hours, staff habits and business patterns.

And because our team of technicians come from a variety of backgrounds including the electronic security sector, telecommunications and IT, we have experience in Routing, VPN's and firewalls allowing us to support total end to end solutions for our Customers.

The end result is a cost effective system that allows the client to secure, manage and control their business, premises and staff.


Maintenance and Support

Poor housekeeping practices and a lack of maintenance allows unauthorised access and undetected intrusion. Unfortunately this only comes to light after an incident occurs.

Smartwired Solutions offer regular health checks, camera cleaning and functionality testing to ensure your system is operating as intended.

Remote access tools coupled with efficient onsite support means we keep your systems fully operational.


Conventional security relies on getting a text report and sending a patrol. Fact is the average guard response time in Australia takes half an hour. Little wonder your losses are continuing.

We fit your yard and offices with camera traps. These traps, comprise of a detector, camera and public address system.

Now when an alarm is generated the cause can be quickly ascertained and the necessary action taken.

Self service offerings allow you remotely check the cameras on site to determine the cause of the alarm.

Fully monitored packages provide an instant live video feed to our 24 hour Video Control Room where highly skilled operators can communicate with the site to warn off an intruder whilst notifying the authorities.

Control room monitoring can even be used to remotely escort single man access after hours thereby further reducing costs.

Data and Fibre Optic Infrastructures

Need a structured cabling install?

Want to connect one building with another?

Our installation technicians are all registered cablers with the ability to cater for your CAT5, CAT6, fibre optic and telephony needs.